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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  November 3, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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?? tonight, mariah's split gets even stranger. >> oh, darling. >> why mimi wants a their 50 million inconvenience fee after her breakup. >> #diva. >> then prince harry's secret rendezvous with his new hollywood girlfriend. wwat we just found out. >> i'm seeing you. >> sarah jessica parker on her biggest fashion risks and her boldest move yet handing over her style empire to her 7-year-old. >> one of my daughters is plotting to take over. >> it's that time again. oprah is sharing her favorite things with "e.t.," but wait a minute. no one's getting a car. why lady o's presents are looking way different this year. >> i am done with gifts.
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>> what does mariah carey wants her ex-billionaire fiance to apologize for. >> that's not all. it comes with an inconvenience fee. >> i'm also going to be a diva in different ways. why not be yourself? #thediva. >> no signed prenup and no sex before marriage, so what exactly is involved in mariah's $50 million well, there's that engagement ring estimated at ten mil. she wants james pack tore buy her an l.a. home somewhat similar to what they're renting for $250k a month and the rest, mimi wants paid out in cash. ?? >> mariah claims the billionaire owes her and here's her list of whys. he made promises to her that weren't fulfilled. tto, he moved her across the country and relocated here and
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now she would like james to apologize for breaking up with her so publicly. you heard that right. mariah feels used for her fame. james, quote, used her to increase his profile to help further his business interests. >> was it love at first sight? >> i wasn't on the prowl. i thought this guy's fun. so it was nice. >> our source tells us james is the one who waived the prenup because he loved her so much and wanted to make her happy. plan multiple weddings. there was a march ceremony planned in bora bora by valentino couture and a mini version. >> miss monroe has her own dress. >> as for james' side of the story, a source tells us, quote, this whole 50 million dollar thing and other noise is a distraction to try and rationalize what mariah's asking
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worth?" forbes" magazine has him at $3.4 million. >> he's very amazing. >> a decade ago, packer reportedly inherited 5 billion and by 2007, he was said to be worth $7 billion mainly in casinos and entertainment. >> how lucky i am. >> and then his wealth headed south and today's helped by reported losses in various las vegas venturee. at one point packer was reportedly hemorrhaging $6,000 a minute. now packer's turned much of his attention to movie making forming a company with brett rattner who introduced him to mariah. they're known for blockbusters like san andre as. >> and probably as bad as they say you are.
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in the world with more money than james, but the royal family is. their net worth is somewhere -paround $15 billion. love is priceless and we just found out that prince harry and his new gal meghan markle had a secret rendezvous in toronto. >> my sources tell me he was in town during the weekend, that he was staying with er. that there was some security around them and also that they were spotted at a halloween party on saturday night. >> "e.t." has confme and it sounds next-level serious. meghan has met harry's close, inner circle of friends and the actress just got new clues about her royal rooance. she instagramed a pic of tea time and a puzzle, two of the queen's favorite things and the other of spooning baaanas. she is getting some major hollywood support. >> sse's gorgeous. first of all, drop-dead gorgeous. >> the actress is friends with
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dwayne wade. >> she's very, very smart, whip smart. great actress. cool girl. i like her. if i can be here for blac chyna and rob kardashian, i'm really here for meg markle and prince harry. >> i'm not going o jinx it by having you. >> see me in my dress. >> that was for the season five finale for "suits," her character gets left at the altar. aside from the jilted thing, meghan said she's a lot like here character rachel. >> we're both incredibly ambitious and i do appreciate that we're both strong willed and as most women are finding the balance between career, life, relationship, all of that. >> i think she's got challenges date being a royal. >> i'm here for this entire relationship. >> prince harry and meghan aren't the only ones trying to keep a low profile. kim kardashian is way under that
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the spotlight during a big night out for the entire family and now there is this surprising nee development. >> "e.t.'s" bodyguard pascal duffier is out of a job. while they loved him, they felt they couldn't take more chances with their safety. duffier's worked with kim, and the couple decided he had to go. was it the night of the robbery and he never stayed by kim's ssde 24/7. >> pascal, i never remember if he was at the hotel. >> he would drop kim and kourtney off and go to another hotel? >> yeah. -pfor years it was the same scenario. >> we also learned pascal wasn't the only family bodyguard let go. security was tight last night as
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kim was careful not to get photographed and the rest of the family was front aad center. kendall showed off two changes, then changing into this silver sequin mini dress for a private party at delilah. there was plenty of snapchatting happening inside, but everyone was careful to keep kim off camera. sources tell "e.t." she did take the mike from mom kris to wish her sister a happy birthday and guests. milestone birthday? >> oh, okay.w rolls royce.&- i'll see you rolls royce, kendall jenner. channing tatum and we got to ask him for the first time about that "splash" reboot he's working on, the one where he's wearing the tail. >> it will be interesting and i can promise it will be. >> channing as a merman.
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over the tom hanks role playing the human who falls for a mythical sea creature. channing said the gender swap idea started as their own private joke. we kept laughing about it for two years and then we thought should we try it? like a mail mary and see what happens? >> they approached ron howard. >> ron, this is a baby, and terrible idda or not? he was into ron's onboard and everyone is dying to know if tom will return for a cameo more than 30 years later. >> hello? >> splash remake, channing tatum, jillian bell. if she can work up a romance with channing tatum, first of all, she's a better actor than i am because that dude? channing tatum, what a doof. >> he was initially too scared to approach tom about the
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doing whatever i can possibly do to get him in the movie. >> tom, you've got to do it. channing brought his wife jena to the event and it was date night new york when warren beatty was honored by the museum of moving image and he was joined by his wife, annette benning and there was sarah jessica parker with her husband matthew broderick. they have a budding fashionista at home. >> apparenty look, one of my daughters is plotting to take over. she has designs, so to speak, on company. >> mama's company. they make fashions her "sex and the city" character would kill for. >> this is the kaurie. >> only e.t. was there as sjp took over at the fashion pestival. she's always bold in business and in her fashion choices. >> i would never go back in time and say that was risky and that wasn't. everyone feels comfortable telling me and talking about it and that's perfectly fine.
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venture is a line of black dresses. >> a lot of women rely upon the little black dress. the most valuable player in your closet and it's what a lot of us reach for always and we want to know that that's a choice for us because a black dress seems to suit a lot of different moments in our life. >> we totally agree and in the words of carrie bradshaw. >> just get me a really big closet. >> we're working on the master closet right now. >> for your side? adam levine and ryan reynolds gush over their new daughters. >> it's pretty remarkable. >> then guess who's back? breaking news on chad tv returns. >> it will be awesome. >> an exclusive sneak peek at tonighh's "big bang theory". >> interesting. very interesting. and dolly parton celebrates 50 years in the spotlight and is
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streep wiil be honored with the 2017 cecil b. demille kathy: it goes by so fast. kate: one day you're a kid - and the next... kelly:'re raising your own little girl. kelly: growing up, i watched my mom work so hard. through challenges and struggles, she made our lives better. she's my inspiration in the senate - whether strengthening social security or medicare, protecting our environment, or helping make college more affordable... she taught me that with hard work... kate: you can do anything?
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too. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, and i approved that message. p>> you want me? >> yes! >> it wasn't over! >> oh, wow! now that is a kiss! they were all in, and i mean all in last night with their spoof of a sequel to that kiss is still going and going. 23 seconds, to be exact. we actually timed it out and that is not why ryan is in trouble with wife blake lively. kicking off tonight, ryan's baby reveal. >> you have two daughters. >> yeah. >> and a wife at the house. >> yeah. >> a lot of estrogen, you know. it sort of feels like an american girl doll just took a [ bleep ] on my life. >> ryan letting it slip that baby number two is a girl.
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revealed details about the baby including her name, but there is no question he is a doting dad. >> i say to my wife, i can't ever imagine ever loving a second child as much as i love the first. >> right. >> and then that baby comes popping out and i acted like i was totally wrong. >> yeah. >> meanwhile, another proud papa is spilling the beans. adam levine reveals ellen named >> i texted ellen and she said i hate it. i think it's a terrible name. i said, cool. she gave me five names to think about and dusty was one of them. you basically named my kid. >> i did. >> it's a beautiful color, as well. >> that's how i thought about it. >> if anyone needs to name a child, ellen is really good at it. >> finally, remember this guy?
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you're going to die. >> wow! >> after a disastrous appearances on the bachelorette and bachelor in paradise, bad chad is returning to tv. the weightlifting shirtless selfie taking, cold cut enthusiast oklahoma native will try for another shot at love at season two of famously single. >> it will be awesome. >> still ahead, we reveal oprah's favorite things. before you write your christmas list you've got to see our new interview. >> my favorite gift of a then -- dolly parton on 50 years in show business and 50 years of marriage. why it's such a big payday to share a picture of her husband. >> it has to be over a million. >> a big bang sneak peek. who just got caught in a lie. >> why are you speaking clingon? >> why are you speaking english? closed captioning provided
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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now a sneak peek at tonight's "big bang theory." someone caught in a lie. >> yeah. [ speaking foreign language ] >> why are you speaking clingon? >> why are you speaking english? >> this is ridiculous. penny, do you remember what i taught you? >> about -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> stop that. >> you stop that! [ speaking foreign language ] >> well, no translatton needed here. we all remember oprah yelling out, you get a car! you get a car! if oprah gave out so much during her favorite things episodes and they were fantastic and while the episodes are gone, thankfully the list is not and
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goodies from 2016 with lady o's bff gayle king. >> isn't that -- >> i love this. >> a truffle. >> less salt in it. >> oprah tested and oprah approved. it's her favorite things just in time for the holidays. >> i just am done with gifts. i think the most special gift is something that is something that's going to absolutely come from a space that people know your heart was in it. >> okay. >> yes! say >> 101 tasteful gift ideas hand picked by oprah with help from her friends like gayle king, stocking stuffers to luxury items. >> it ranges up to $15 to $1500 whiih gets you a knockout, brand new, state-of-the-art tv and then there's everything in between. >> make sure i get this bread and that bread. thank you. >> if it's christmas you get these english muffins from oprah
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you're a really good friend. the first time she tasted them, by the time she left the shoot she ordered nine orders. you heard about english muffins? how about big bottom biscuits? >> that will set you back about $65 and jammies oprah pairs with michael cohrs high-tops. >> it helps when you're listening to beyonce. >> i ove the adult coloring books. oprah was one of those kids that was great at wouldn't you expect that she and she still does. >> for a person on the list who wants to live like the media mogul and who doesn't? there's always the oprah cookbook. >> i was at her house in california and we said why don't we pick something out of the book and we did. we picked the corn and tomato salad along with some great tasting fish. >> aal her favorite things are in december's "o" magazine and what's the strangest gift oprah's ever been given?
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gift where i was both cross-eyed and my nose was on the wrong side of my face and i thought that was the strangest i've gotten. >> she's never forgotten. from the queen of talk to the queen of country music, dolly parton, of course. 50 years in show business. >>. >> makes you feel proud. makes you feel old, but it makes you feel like you might have done something good in your o & life, just being a part of years. i've been here a long time. ?? ? "e.t." has been with dolly for a lot of those 50 years in the spotlight. ?? i like the work. ?? >> she says she's never slowing down and you know somebody's magic when fans like reese
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idolize her. >> hi, everyone. at the hollywood bowl with dolly parton! about to go on! >> i've seen her a few times and i'm very touched by the gals who say i've touched them and inspired them. it makes you feel like i might have done something right and hopefully i can give them a few tricks of the trade if they ask me. i usually don't give advice. if you want information, i can deliver that. ?? ?? ?? >> dolly's also celebrating five decades of marriage with husband carl dean who is rarely photographed. dolly set up a photo shoot for their 50th anniversary. >> we're going to -- if we made enough money for charity and we didn't get any big, big efforts not enough for me to expose carl after all these years. if someone still wants to buy them on the first anniversary,
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november 30th on nbc and we love that she can laugh at herself. she read this mean tweet llst night at jimmy kimmel. it's a dolly parton concert. >> i don't care if they laugh at me. i usually make more fun of myself than anyone can make of me. >> one of the reasons i call her jolly dolly. >> we have some exciting news about the american music awards, john legend and sean perform and arianna grande will be joined by nicki minaj and it airs january 2 january 20th on . "e.t. will be there.
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i'm maggie hassan, and new hampshire has a very clear choice: do we keep going with a senator who repeatedly votes with the corporate special interests... or a new senator who sides with the people of new hampshire? my focus has always been on creating opportunity for working families: making college and job training more affordable. lowering prescription drug costs.
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major oscar buzz. it's all on "e.t." primal consideration provided
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james hinchcliffe had a fill-in partner and they managed to score perfect tens. looking pretty good out there, and i want to know who he will dance with next week. >> bye, everybody. >> i went and got the best treatment available in the country. >> sharna or jena be joining james in the ballroom? we're with dancing's front-runners after their heartbreaking injury? >> it was a stressful week. >> that is tomorrow. every time a new charter opens, it takes money away from the regular public schools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: there is definitely a sore loser in the world series, and that would be a guy who coldcocked another guy so badly. >> a cubs fan and indians' fan got into it on the street and the indians fan threw one of the most ferocious right hooks. the cubs fan was knocked out cold. >> i'm texting with the victim. he wrote, go cubs, go. i survived an assault, just like my cubs survived being down last night. kylie was there. khloe and kourtney was there. no kim sightings. harvey: everybody will agree she got robbed. now 9 question is, is she overmilking? >> you have no idea how you would react unless you have been bound and gagged before. >> beyonce performed at the c.m.a.'s with the dixie chicks. this was like the chris stapleton, justin timberlake singing. >> the dixie chicks are famous in their own right.


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